Mistake: “Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu”

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Mistake: “Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu”

2015-11-13 07:56 GMT
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Jean-Jacques Mével from Le Figaro refers to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as Foreign Affairs Minister

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

On 11 November 2015, Jean-Jacques Mével wrote an article on Turkey’s EU Progress Report which was published in the French daily Le Figaro. He opined that Turkey is criticized by the EU over press freedom but also that Turkey is an important figure for the refugee crisis.1

In his analysis, however, Mével referred to Ahmet Davutoglu as the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Chef de la diplomatie). But this statement was factually mistaken given that Ahmet Davutoglu has been the Prime Minister of Turkey since 28 August 2014.