Claim: France condemns Turkey’s downing of Russian plane

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Claim: France condemns Turkey’s downing of Russian plane

2015-12-17 04:19 GMT
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Ambassador Jean Baptiste Mattei, NATO's permanent representative of France, refutes Sputnik’s speculation that France condemns Turkey's downing of Russian plane

A Russian war plane was shot down due to air space violations on 24 November 24 2015.

On 27 November 2015, Sputnik International published a news story that France condemned Turkey at a NATO Council meeting organized on Turkey’s request on 24 November for downing the Russian SU-24 war plane.1 Sputnik asserted in the news story that French Ambassador to NATO Jean Baptiste Mattei said Turkey sabotaged the fight against DAESH.2

However, Ambassador Mattei, refuted Sputnik’s speculation.

Ambassador Mattei Refutes Sputnik

Mattei refuted Sputnik with an official statement. He said that he was shocked at the expression “Mattei made a harsh speech on Turkey’s downing of the Russian SU-24 war plane which violated Turkey’s air space and condemned it” and that the news was fabricated.

"I, like all the Allies, called for the respect of Turkey’s territorial integrity and underlined the necessity of preventing any escalation," remarked the ambassador. He added that they requested correction from Sputnik underlining the need for avoiding tension.

The Russian Warplane is Downed Due to Airspace Breach

On November 24, Russian warplane was downed due to airspace violations.Two Turkish Air Force F-16s challenged and brought down the plane in line with Turkish rules of engagement.

The Turkish General Staff explained on its website that a “warplane of unknown nationality” breached Turkish airspace over Yayladagi, Hatay province, which borders northwest Syria.