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Turkey’s constitutional referendum ‘sham election’

On 23 May 2018, an article was published in Foreign Policy in which it was claimed that Turkey’s April 2017 was a ‘sham election’.

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Factual mistakes and incomplete information in Foreign Policy article

On 11 May 2018, an article penned by ex-CIA official Henri Barkey which included factual mistakes and provided incomplete information was published in Foreign Polic

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Four factual mistakes in Rudaw article

On 23 April 2018, Rudaw published an article on Turkey’s snap elections to be held on 24 June 2018, which included four factual mistakes.

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Factual mistakes in US Department of State report on Turkey

On 21 April 2018, the US Department of State released the 2017 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. The report on Turkey included several factual mistakes and provided incomplete information.

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Top 5 false claims about presidential system in Turkey

Turkish people went to the ballot boxes on 16 April 2017 and voted in favor of moving to a presidential system.

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Motivations of Turkey’s Afrin Operation

Turkey launched the Operation Olive Branch together with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on 20 January 2018 in Syria’s Afrin region in order to ensure its border security and eradicate the YPG.

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Claim: Police can detain anyone without a court order in Turkey

An opinion piece by Soner Cagaptay published on

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