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Who are we?

Fact-checking Turkey is a project of Bosphorus Center for Global Affairs, an independent non-governmental organization based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our website monitors the factual accuracy of various news and claims about Turkey. Every single minute, loads of information is produced on the Internet and quickly spread through social media. We believe it is crucial to check whether such news and claims are true. To do this, Fact-checking Turkey follows international and national media and aims to provide accurate information through publicly available sources.

What do we fact-check?

Fact-checking Turkey editors go through Turkish and English newspapers/news agencies and choose claims that can be checked. We examine statements of politicians, news-stories, columns, interviews, press releases and reports of EU, UN and other international organizations.

How do we fact-check?

The staff examines news pertinent to Turkey in the newspapers and news websites especially in the English language. We do also go through statements in German and French. We closely follow the media outlets in Europe and the USA.

Our editors go through news about Turkish domestic and foreign politics, economy and social issues about Turkey. While choosing statements to check, we pay attention to focus on current issues and aim to prevent false and misleading information from circulating in the media.

While checking claims, we use publicly available tools such as official documents, photographs, statistics and so on.

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