International media on failed coup in Turkey - 3

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International media on failed coup in Turkey - 3

2016-08-10 10:24 BST
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Fact-Checking Turkey lists some reactions from international media on failed coup attempt in Turkey on 15 July 2016

On the night of 15 July 2016, FETO-linked soldiers launched a coup attempt, killed 246 people, 179 of which were civilians, and wounded thousands. They also bombed Turkey’s Grand National Assembly several times along with many other state buildings and tried to assasinate President Recep Tayyip Erdogan but missed him by minutes. The international media mostly supported the coup plotters and put the blame on President Erdogan for "bringing the coup on himself". Here is a list of the examples:

  1. Foreign Affairs published an article written by Brian Klaas on the Turkey coup attempt describing keys to success

  2. A letter published by the Independent said that the failure of the Turkey coup attempt is a "victory for Islamists, not liberal democracy"

  3. Robert Fisk in the Independent wrote that "Turkey's coup may have failed but it won’t be long before another one succeeds"

  4. Ralph Peters from Fox News wrote on the failure of the Turkey coup attempt that "Turkey's last hope dies"

  5. Richard Grenell from Fox News described the failed Turkey coup attempt as a "reaction to Erdogan's getting too close to Islamists"

  6. The Telegraph claimed in a Twitter clip that Erdogan's "authoritarian rule prompted the coup attempt, and its failure will lead to crackdowns against dissent"

  7. Alev Scott tagged anti-coup protesters in her article published by the Guardian as "violent mobs"

  8. The US-based intelligence firm Stratfor logistically supported the failed coup attempt by sharing information on the whereabouts of President Erdogan's plane while pro-coup F16s were harassing it

  9. During the Turkey coup attempt, the Independent wrote that "amid chaos on streets and violent clashes, Erdogan claims he is in control"

  10. The Telegraph’s chief foreign correspondent David Blair legitimized putschists in his article as “guardians of the secular constitution”

  11. The New York Times shared an article with the tweet "Erdogan supporters are sheep and they will follow whatever he says"

  12. The Telegraph labeled the failed Turkey coup attempt in an article as an "uprising"

  13. Amid the failed Turkey coup attempt, the New York Times tweeted an article picked up from its archive titled "Erdogan's controversial rule"

  14. Amid the failed Turkey coup attempt, Vox wrote that “Erdogan is clearly a threat to Turkish democracy and secularism”

  15. Haaretz claimed that “Turkey is yet another step further from being a true democracy” and will be authoritarian after the failed coup

  16. The Wilson Center Vice President, Aaron David Miller, wrongly supposed that the attempted Turkey coup succeeded and tweeted “Erdogan was a megalomaniac ruining a great country. Who’s going to miss him?”

  17. Borzou Daragahi from BuzzFeed News claimed in his article that the "failed coup will hurt Turkey"

  18. Hugh Pope and Diba Nigar Goksel wrote in Politico that after the coup failed, "nobody in Turkey has won in the long-term"

  19. Brigitte Gabriel said on Fox News that "We need coup to succeed because that will be our way to actually be able to defeat ISIS"

  20. In her article in Open Democracy, Ayse Kadioglu called the people who took to streets risking their lives to protest against the coup attempt "violent mobs"