Claim: Turkey to escalate tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia and to commit human rights abuses

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Claim: Turkey to escalate tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia and to commit human rights abuses

2020-10-24 12:39 BST

Chuck Schumer, Senator for Democrats, blamed Turkey through his twitter account by committing human rights abuses in Syria against Kurds and enflaming the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Claim 1: Turkey committed human rights abuses in Syria, against the Kurds.

Turkey always underlines PYD and PKK are the same terror group while separating Syrian Kurdish community from them.

However US special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey had defined the YPG as the PKK’s Syrian offshoot several times.

it is a slander to blame Turkey with regard to human rights abuse where the Turkey is the only country to build 50.000 houses for the Syrians including Kurds.

Besides, according to the global humanitarian assistance report, since the civil war started in Syria, Turkey every year has become the number one country (which was with 9 bn $ in 2019) by supplying humanitarian aid; food, medical equipment, medicine, clothing to Syrian people, as well including Kurdish community.

The UN reports and data proves, Turkey is the number one country by hosting almost 3.7 million Syrian refugees in its own lands, giving them the opportunity of education, trade, business and health services, in which Syrian Kurds have been benefiting equally without any discrimination.

Claim 2: Turkey is enflaming the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

According to the UN Security Council resolutions No: 822, No: 853, No: 874 and No: 884, Armenia occupies Azerbaijan Lands clearly.

Turkey, as a UN member, is just only trying nothing more than to make it possible to implement UN security council resolutions those express the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Azerbaijani Republic, in particular its grave concern at the displacement of large numbers of civilians in the Azerbaijani Republic and the withdrawal of occupying Armenian forces from other recently occupied areas of the Azerbaijan Republic while other countries supplying arms to Armenian occupant forces in Azerbaijan lands.

In addition, Armenia and supporting countries itself enflames the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh by hiring mercenaries from specific countries including terror groups in Syria as well. Especially celebrities are being used by the Armenia to make people to fund invasion rather than collecting money to help civils who received damage from the conflict.