Turkish Airlines denies the claim that it transported illegal migrants to Belarus

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Turkish Airlines denies the claim that it transported illegal migrants to Belarus

2021-11-10 10:44 GMT
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The newspaper Bild, published in Germany, claimed that THY allegedly transported refugees to Musk by private flights. Turkish Airlines denied reports that the airline illegally transports migrants on flights to Belarus, which appeared earlier in media sources, on the other hand.

The situation on the Polish-Belarusian border has deteriorated dramatically recently. It was reported yesterday that 4 thousand migrants including women and children, who are in Belarus, moved towards the border with Poland. They tried to break down the fence and cut the barbed wire, at the border. In response, the Polish security forces sprayed tear gas to migrants. The Polish authorities stressed that this is "the largest so far attempt of mass penetration by force" into the country. Currently, there is a concentrations of migrants at the border posts, waiting in the hope of accessing the EU countries.

In current situation, The European Union hopes to be able to reduce the number of people who come to Belarus from poor or conflict-ridden countries by applying pressure and imposing sanctions on airlines. Belarus government is accused of bringing deliberately to bring migrants to the border with Poland to travel to the European Union.

The press service of the Turkish Airlines stressed that the information in the media does not correspond to reality. "The company takes into account all aspects of safety and complies with international cooperation when operating flights around the world," Turkish Airlines indicated. Thus, Turkish Airlines denied reports that it was helping Lukashenko put pressure on the EU by flying migrants from Turkey into Belarus. Something was openly discussed about the role of the Turkish Airlines (THY), which, according to the flight schedule, flies to Belarus ten times a month. Currently, there are one or two direct flights from Turkish Airlines to Minsk from Istanbul per day. In this case, the claim of the Bild newspaper, which has no basis, has been refuted.