When It is About Disinformation, Germany Comes First

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When It is About Disinformation, Germany Comes First

2020-12-07 11:32 GMT
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German Deutsche Welle misleads the media, as well as people. It is known that their unfriendly approach to Turkey but at least they should be reasonable. Using the piece of information that has not been justified and proved is defined as disinformation. When a topic is related with disinformation, the Western Media comes first, especially DW. Turkey expects his opposites to be truthful in every area.

Recently DW has reported something; something that cannot be defined as fake or wrong, but it is directly manipulated. After the report, the World Health Organization needed to underline that DW has misleaded their interview about the topic. DW claimed that "Turkey's health system will collapse, based on WHO's interview." Hopefuly, Who disclaimed the report and said:

"WHO Turkey had an interview with DW Türkçe on latest Covid-19 situation in the world and in Turkey on Friday 4th and the piece has been released by DW Türkçe today. We have noticed that some media outlets unfortunately are now misrepresenting some of the statements we actually made during DW Türkçe interview. Clear and consistent communication is extremely critical for useful community engagement and evidence-based policy and decision making by all stakeholders. We would like to reiterate some part of the interview that we had commented to DW Türkçe as the following:

1- Could you please evaluate the resent situation over Covid-19?Situation globally is alarming as cases are increasing and with Winter as we go more indoors, cases are only likely to increase. Turkey is not as high or as bad as other European countries or USA because of masking and other physical distancing measures. I was myself checked at Mall yesterday and not let in without ‘clear” HES code So this shows strong enforcement of mitigation measures by authorities. Vaccines are on the horizon but that would still mean we continue to do masking, physical distancing, personal hygiene and staying home when sick. So while Turkey is not as bad as Europe or the world we ALL must play our role to curb the spread – people and authorities as otherwise we can have strain on health systems like USA. IT is on EVERY ONE Of us to play our role in curbing this pandemic. If cases continue to increase like this health systems will be under serious strain.

2- As you know, Turkey separated Covid-19 positive as case and patient until last week. now, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced 6.000 daily patients. Now, Health Ministry announces around 30.000 Covid-19 positive cases every day. Do you think that way was the right one? or Which one is right one?

As to numbers HE Dr Koca had himself said that “we do not share any information with anyone outside what we don’t share with our people first”, so those numbers were not with us before. But yes that is the right policy and WHO has requested every MS across the globe to report ALL positive cases, symptomatic or asymptomatic. US CDC recently reported that only 1 in 8 was being picked by testing as others missed because of being asymptomatic and thus the concern of “silent spread” at population level. In case of Turkey at least we are picking up “asymptomatic” and assuring isolation and quarantine so we are picking a proportion of asymptomatic to curb this “silent spread” in Turkey, which in case of other countries in the wold continues unabated if asymptomatic are not picked up! 

3- Experts say Turkey was/is not clear about numbers. What’s your opinion on Turkey’s process management over Covid-19? And could you please answer this with; How was the communication with WHO and Turkey, Was WHO really aware of situation in Turkey?

Turkey managed well since start. We are not as bad as other countries now too. But we ALL must remain committed to all mitigation measures. Also our HCWs are our real heroes. We have increased beds, hospitals but human resources take months and years to increase significantly. In respect of our HCW heroes we ALL must act responsibly. As t relationship, very, strong relationship between Turkey and MOH and our RD visited Turkey twice in past 6 months which underscores very strong bilateral relationship between the two entities.4- Fahrettin Koca said that Turkey has ordered Chinese vaccine but some of health experts have concerns about scientific reliability. Does WHO confirm its reliability?WHO does not validate or not, any vaccine, diagnostic, or treatment per se. We share evidence and guidance. Every country has a sovereign National Regulatory Authority which has the right to approve/disapprove as they deem fit especially in emergencies. In case of Covid pandemic, many countries’ regulatory authorities have given Emgy Use Authorizations to vaccines, treatments, and tests. Vaccine manufacturers under WHO COVAX share data with WHO as well as those outside. For Chinese Vaccine we have Ph 2 data as yet and not Ph 3. However Chinese vaccine uses a long established reliable PH technique of inactivated virus.5. Anything you would like to add in the end?Vaccines are coming but it will be months before enough vaccine is available for everyone. Also Vaccine does not save lives, Vaccination does! Turkey has done its vaccine distribution and  allocation plan and prioritized population sub-groups in line with WHO guidance. But still it will be months before vaccine gets to everyone. We must all work together to continue masking, physical distancing, hand washing, staying home when sick and also to pass the word for vaccine acceptance at population level, as it becomes available."

It is obvious that every step that is taken by DW should be carefully examined before someone directly believe or copy it.