Claim: Turkey kills refugees crossing its Syrian border

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Claim: Turkey kills refugees crossing its Syrian border

2016-06-20 10:48 BST
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Greek newspaper Tribune claims Turkey closed its border and kills people trying to cross it

There is a 911-kilometer-long border between Turkey and Syria

On 13 June 2016, Greek daily newspaper Tribune claimed Turkey killed two refugees along its border with Syria. It was claimed Turkey is the only country that kills refugees and that Turkey is responsible for the refugee influx into Europe because of financing terrorist organizations that are active in Syria.1

However, Turkey is an active participant in the international coalition against the DAESH terrorist group and has been since February 2015. Turkey also has a four-stage struggle with foreign fighters trying to enter Syria.

The first step is called the “prevention in the source country,” to stop fighters leaving their country of origin. The second step is the deportation of suspects identified by Risk Analysis Units and making a list of the deported people. The third stage  is the survaillance and detention of foreign fighters who  managed to enter Turkey. The fourth step is to improve border security and catch foreign fighters either going to Syria or coming to Turkey from Syria. There are areas seized by different organizations (recognized as a terrorist organization by Turkey) such as DAESH, Al Nusra and the PKK-affiliated YPG (Peoples’ Protection Units). Therefore the border measures taken by Turkey aim at preventing fighters and supplies from joıning those organizations.


Source: UNHCR published in August 2015.

Additionally, the two alleged refugees who were killed were identified as having links to DAESH. They were coming from areas under the control of DAESH and were attempting to cross Turkey’s border illegally , neglecting the warning to stop.2

Unfortunately Greece, Bulgaria and Slovakia recently killed refugees. On 30 August 2015, a young refugee at the age of 17 was killed by a Greek police.3 In November 2015, a refugee boat was sunk by the Greek coast guard leaving 58 people to die but they were later saved by the Turkish coast guard.4 On 16 Januaury 2015 an Afghan refugee was killed by a Bulgarian police officer.5 On 9 May 2016, a Slovakian border officer killed a refugee.6