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Claim: Erdogan Fails to Condemn Charlie Hebdo Attack in 2015

The Jerusalem Post claims that “Erdogan failed to condemn the murderous Islamist attack on France’s satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, back in 2015.” In the article of Neville Teller in the Jerusalem Post, he writes that “As for the French initiat

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Libya Denies Allegations of Saudi Newspaper on Turkey

Ukaz newspaper of Saudi Arabia have been denied about the allegations on Turkey.  Saudi newspaper claimed that Turkey tried to capture the manuscripts in National Archives and History Research Center.

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Turkey Strongly Rejects French Defense Minister's Claims about Turkey

Turkey’s defense minister on Monday strongly rejected his French counterpart's claims about Turkey, saying Paris was confused and certainly mistaken about alleged “harassment” last year at sea.

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When It is About Disinformation, Germany Comes First

German Deutsche Welle misleads the media, as well as people. It is known that their unfriendly approach to Turkey but at least they should be reasonable.

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Turkey Defends Allies While The International Communities Ingnores

Turkey has always been defending its allies, whether it is in Azerbaijan or in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Claim: Turkish Government Downplays Corona Risk

On the 30th of November, Der Standart published an article that aiming Turkey which falsely claims Turkish Governme

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Claim: Turkey to escalate tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia and to commit human rights abuses

Chuck Schumer, Senator for Democrats, blamed Turkey through his twitter account by committing human rights abuses in Syria against Kurds and enflaming the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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