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Claim: Figures linked to Turkey’s ruling AK Party get lenient treatment in post-coup probes

On 22 June 2017, Al-Monitor published an article written by Sibel Hurtas in which it was claimed that some figures linked to Turkey’s ruling AK Party were treated in a lenient way in investigations surrounding last year’s attempted coup

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Guardian’s resistance to fact-checking

On 16 June 2017, an article titled “Turkish Islamist push may be to blame

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Factual mistake in Buzz Feed News article: Who is to declare war in the recent constitutional amendment?

An article published on Buzz Feed News after the referendum on 16 April 2017 states that the recent a

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Factual mistake in The Hill article

An article published on the website of the Hill on 12 April 2017 incorrectly states that the p

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Claim: Turkish president unfairly using state resources

On 10 April 2017, The Times published an article on Turkey’s latest constitutional change referendum which will take place next Sunday, which report

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ادعاء: تركيا منخرطة في 'انقلاب مضاد'

في افتتاحية بعنوان 'رأي الغارديان حول القمع في تركيا: أوقفوا هذا المأزق'، قدمت الغارديان عدداً من الادعاءات المتعلقة بالوضع الحالي في تركيا.

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