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The Guardian article contains factual mistakes regarding Turkey's presidential system

On 18 April 2018, The Guardian published an article about the snap elections in Turkey that will be held on 24 June 2

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Claim: Turkey helped the rise of DAESH in the first place

On 12 April 2018, Foreign Policy published an article titled “Turkey’s Double ISIS Standard,” written by Ahmet Sait Yayla and Colin P.

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Claim: Turkey does nothing against DAESH and allows selling of Yazidi women in Turkey

On 8 April 2018, an article written by Uzay Bulut was published on Gatestone Institute.

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Inconsistencies in Patrick Cockburn’s article on Turkey’s Afrin operation

On 5 April 2018, an article written by Patrick Cockburn was published in London Review of Books.

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The Jerusalem Post article contains factual mistakes about Turkey

On 2 April 2018, The Jerusalem Post has published an article titled “Erdogan’s Hypocrisy,” written by the Editorial Boar

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Turkey dismisses the claim of damaging historical church in Afrin

Last week, several media outlets such as Syrian state-run news agency Sana claimed that Turkish warplanes destroyed the archeological site of Brad in Afrin, an area which also included the

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Claim: CNN Turk has become state-run TV

On 23 March 2018, Fox TV anchorman Tucker Carlson voiced his criticisms against CNN Worldwide’s chairman Jeff Zucker as a reply to his remarks
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