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Are the PYD and the PKK separate organizations?

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey is ready to launch a military operation in the Syrian region of Afrin which is controlled by the YPG.

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Claim: Conservative Turks sympathize with Salafi-jihadi groups

On 8 January 2018, an article written by Metin Gurcan and published by Al Monitor includes a factual mistake.

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Does the new decree grant impunity for political violence in Turkey ?

On 24 December 2017, a new legislative decree was published in the Official Gazette with regards to several issues under the state of emergency.

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Claim: Turkey gets no achievement in any sport disciplines during the era of AK Party

On 3 January 2018, Al-Monitor published an article written by Zulfikar Dogan in which it was claimed that during the era of Tu

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Politico article includes factual mistakes about Turkey

On 25 November 2017, Zia Weise had an article published on the Politico website about US army general Michael Flynn and the post-coup proc

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Al-Monitor makes factual mistake in Osman Kavala issue

Amberin Zaman wrote an article about Osman Kavala, a controversial figure who is currently under

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